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  • Trip to England : Our best memories ! - Juin 2013

    My favourite memory was shopping. That was a really great moment because there were some clothes, starbucks, souvenirs shops, and the greatest was...POUNDLAND !!!!!!!! In this shop, everything was at 1 pound. (Khadjidiatou)
    My best memory was in Warwick Castle. I loved to go there. And I ate some chips... Oh my dear !!! So delicious ! And I’ve climbed steps and steps... Just to see the country. I was lost in the castle’s steps. But it was great. (Leslie)
    We went to Christ Church College, (...)

  • A great interview ! - Septembre 2012

    "Two female basketball players came in our classroom today !
    Their names are Ljiljana Tomasevic and Kirsten Jeter. Kirsten lives in NYC (Long Island)and Ljiljana is from Serbia. Ljiljana is 24 years old and she has a boyfriend. She plays in Aplemont with Kirsten.She likes Le Havre and she LOVES Paris ! Unlike, Kirsten she speaks French a little !We asked them many questions about sport and everything...We discovered that Kirsten loves sleeping ! At the end, we took photos and they signed a (...)