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Publié : 27 juin 2013
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Trip to England : Our best memories !

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My favourite memory was shopping. That was a really great moment because there were some clothes, starbucks, souvenirs shops, and the greatest was...POUNDLAND !!!!!!!! In this shop, everything was at 1 pound. (Khadjidiatou)

My best memory was in Warwick Castle. I loved to go there. And I ate some chips... Oh my dear !!! So delicious ! And I’ve climbed steps and steps... Just to see the country. I was lost in the castle’s steps. But it was great. (Leslie)

We went to Christ Church College, it’s here the film « Harry Potter » was shot.
We saw the eating room. (Clement)

We visited the home of Shakespeare, it was little, the boys slept on the floor, next to the fire ! (Anthony)

We visited Warwick castle, there was a trebuchet with a fire ball ! In the evening, we ate chips !!! (Thomas)

On Thursday, we went to the rocks of Stonehenge. Some say it was created by The Devil... but in reality it was created by Celtics people. (Pierrick)

On Wednesday afternoon, we came to Warwick Castle, we visited multiple towers ( one where there were wax figures ). At 3:30 PM, with Charlène and Chloé, we went to buy chips because we’re very very hungry ! There was also a show of birds : one owl and more eagles ( we couldn’t take pictures of this ). (Diane, Elodie and Romane)

In England, the free time was the exit that I preferred . My favorite visit was Warwick Castle because it was very interesting and there was a beautiful view. (Sandra)

My favourite exit was the Warwick Castle because it was very big and so beautiful. The free time was very good. The Christchurch College was very big and interesting. (Lindsay)

My favourite tour was the home of Shakespeare, I found this a very interesting visit and a beautiful home for a very old house. The best thing about the trip was free time, where we bought a lot of souvenirs and clothing. (Justine)

The first day I went to England on a boat ! At night we ate a big pizza ! On the seconde day we went to Oxford, Stradford, Marie’s Farm. On the third day we went to Warwick Castle. On the last day we went to Stonehenge and returned to France … Our family was verry nice !!! (Léa and Déborah)